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imageWhite Buffalo by Third Eye Extracts is a Sativa domina Strain with upwards 0f 80% Sativa dominance. With the parents of Romulan X Blackberry Kush/Bay 11 not only is this a great day time strain its also when you need kick in the taste buds. It has such a sweet yet sour flavor it left me wanting more. Now although the flavor only lasts a limited time the effects had a very nice long lasting cerebral awaking. It left me very social with very little to no anxiety. There’s nothing better for a night out or a kick back with some friends then some White Buffalo. From my understanding this is a new fairly rare strain hailing from Santa Cruz CA. Looking at the Phenomes involved that doesn’t seem to far fetched. Especially with Bay 11 in the mix witch is widely revered strain from San Francisco CA. Green Family Farms is my local Third Eye Extracts re seller. Third Eye is based out of Los Angles CA and you can find all of their flavors/strains at multiple dispensaries all over that region. On a side note I believe this run only lasted a week for Green Family Farms. In talking with them they are going to be picking up more very very soon!!!

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