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imageOrange Cookies sounds delicious and guess what it is!!! With the parents Orange Juice x Girl Scout Cookies you cant go wrong. Such a sweet orange citrus flavor I felt like I was eating Candy. This left me with a powerful cerebral buzz with a great body relaxing feeling like I was wrapped in a blanket of orange terps. As you can guess this makes a great hybrid for an evening strain without feeling tired or weighed done by your average evening strain. I found myself laughing at almost everything. I did find myself lost in thought a few times thinking of random nothingness but who cant enjoy that every once and awhile. Overall this was a great strain for my pain and had no problem looking for munchies as my appetite was on full starvation mode.We picked this up from Green Family Farms as an unbranded taffy like shatter.

View their weedmaps menu: Green Family Farms


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