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Frisco OG the cross of Hell’s Angel’s OG X Dead Head OG. This is a Sativa dominant hybrid that some amazing flavors. I can only describe as a tropical cocktail. Super sweet with a citrus , piney and spicy inundating flavor on your tongue. This strain had me very social and jovial almost perma grin effect. Followed by a very relaxing almost sedating experience. This was perfect for my muscle cramps and spasms. The clarity and stability of this shatter was better than anything if had the pleasure of partaking in. I picked this up from PMA extracts out of Modesto Ca. This was some exceptional medicine but the best part was meeting Kelby and getting to  to know what PMA extracts is all about. My initial contact with Kelby to get my rec verified was fast and smooth. I set a time to pick up my meds and ended up running a few hours early. Kelby was very quick to change around his schedule to accommodate my earliness and that to me speaks volumes!!! When your dealing with patient to patient is a great feeling to know that the people you are dealing with are actually about the patients and not the money. PMA’s product is better than most I’ve seen at the dispenseries or deliveries in the valley at twice or three times the price. This was such an unbelievably great experience that I will personally be using PMA a lot. Your going to see many many more reviews of their concentrates in the future.

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